Putting Stroke: What to Do When You Yip

Published: 01st June 2011
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The putting stoke is the tiniest movement on the golf course. It is the least glamorous and the least powerful, but the one that can propel your game to the next level. And this is exactly why losing your putting stroke can be such a terror to your game – especially if this loss comes in the form of the putting stroke yips.

The yips are a dreaded condition for any golfer, and if you come down with a case of the putting stroke yips, you might find yourself at the desperate end of your golfing rope. The yips can plague you for days, weeks, months or even years – and many golfers go through their post-yips careers without ever finding a solution to this affliction.

Many search, change, tinker and alter their game dozens of times in attempt to get rid of the yips – but these changes will not make up the thing that will rid you of your yips. The yips are not a physical problem but a psychological one, and only by attacking the psychological problem can you restore your game and your putting stroke – and get back to having fun on the links every morning or every weekend.

When you’re establishing yourself on the greens, your round is fun. But when your energy is drained by the fact that you cannot focus on your shots - you cannot roll the ball the way that you want to and you will not be able to hit find the bottom of the cup – golf will lose its fun fairly quickly.

When you have the putting stroke yips, you will likely find your brain screaming at you to stop as you are standing over the ball. With these kinds of yips, you will not be able to make the simple movements that you have always known how to make. You will lose the fine motor skills that are involved in putting, and you will not be able to focus on rolling the ball or on hitting the shots that are necessary.

The putting stroke yips can tear apart your golf game, and you can find the rest of your game suffering in response. When you have the putting stroke yips, you will be doing anything you can to desperately rid yourself of the situation. You might adopt a belly putter like Adam Scott or Vijay Singh, or you might change your grip like golfers around the world have done. You might get a thick putter, or change the head of your club. All of these problems will offer temporary relief for your problem, but they will not rid you of your putting stroke yips.

Putting stroke yips are not the only kinds of yips on the golf course – they can happen with your drive, irons, wedges or any other clubs as well – but they can be the thing that will boost your scores more than anything. If you have the putting yips, you must first seek out the real answers to your problems by attacking the yips problems mentally. While these psychological answers are not as obvious, there are answers available to you for your putting stroke yips.

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